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Mary Estelle Mahuk will join the Vanuatu Cricket Association as the Lead Social Impact and Inclusion & Women's Island Cricket Officer

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is pleased to announce the appointment of “the Golden Mama” Mary Estelle Mahuk as Lead Social Impact & Inclusion Ambassador and Women’s Cricket Officer.

Vanuatu Cricket has appointed Mahuk to the role with the aim of gaining further reach within the community specifically to allow planning and delivery of Vanuatu Cricket's Social Impact & Inclusion Programs, oversight of the Women’s Island Cricket Program – and its expansion onto Tanna – and finally, the establishment of Vanuatu Cricket’s first-ever “Women’s Cricket Pathway” which will provide a focused strategy on the identification and development of female cricketers. Using her extensive experience across multiple sports and countries, Mahuk will work with the Development team, High-Performance coaches and many other stakeholders as cricket's Women & Girls’ focused resource.

Vanuatu Cricket CEO, Tim Cutler, was thrilled with the appointment.

"We are ecstatic to have secured the services of a bonafide national hero in Mary.

"With a life story that should surely be made into a feature film at some point, I look forward to witnessing the positive impact Mary will have on cricket, and more specifically, on the women and girls of Vanuatu; those who the VCA's social programs are designed to benefit most.

"The team and programs Mary will be leading are a critical part of the sport living up to our moniker that 'Cricket I Blong Evriwan' (Cricket Is For Everyone), and I can't wait to work closely with her in delivering on this mission," Cutler concluded.

Mahuk hosts a stellar resume – still holding no fewer than four Vanuatu national running and hurdles records – with many in sporting circles locally continuing to cite her achievements on and off the track as a steppingstone and example for female empowerment in Vanuatu.

Mahuk expressed her belief in the Social Impact & Inclusion Program and how much it could do for women, Mamas, people living with a disability and the general populace in Vanuatu.

“I’m very impressed with this position and I’m really looking forward to helping the girls I work with improve cricket in Vanuatu,” Mahuk beamed.

“I have seen the program around town and was very impressed with what cricket was doing for women in Vanuatu, particularly health-wise. I see girls having fun and being healthy and I see the stage some of the Vanuatu Cricket Women have been put on and it’s just really impressive that they’re able to showcase their talent the way they do internationally.

“Personally, this is an opportunity for me to learn a lot about cricket and to provide my insight where necessary. I am just really excited to be joining such an impressive sports program and I'm really looking forward to the impact we can have in communities.”

Mahuk will join the Social Impact and Inclusion team including the likes of Holiday Inn National Women’s Captain Selina Solman and players Nasimana Navaika, Rachel Andrew and Valenta Langiatu alongside longtime Women’s Island Cricket Ambassador Annie Kalran.

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More information on Mary Estelle Mahuk (Daily Post biography): here

Left to right, Mahuk will join up with Selina Solman, Annie Kalran, Rachel Andrew and Nasimana Navaika as Social Impact and Inclusion Ambassadors

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