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New Cricket Staff for Malekula and Tanna

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is pleased to announce the appointment of two new cricket outreach development officers for Malekula and Tanna. Vanuatu Cricket currently has three outreach offices located on Santo, Malekula and Tanna and the appointment of the new development officers will ensure the growth of cricket continues in these islands. Gibson Tari is appointed as the new development officer for Malekula and Daniel Naies as the new development officer for cricket on Tanna. Vanuatu Cricket has been present on Malekula and Tanna for almost a decade and the VCA hopes that the appointment of Tari and Naies will push the growth of the sport to new heights.

Cricket being played on the ash plains of Mt. Yasur in 2015.
Cricket being played on the ash plains of Mt. Yasur in 2015.

Vanuatu Cricket’s Human Resource Officer, Jamal Vira, stated that the VCA is confident that these appointments will ensure that cricket activities recommence on Tanna and Malekula with the goal to develop cricket and identify potential stars for the future.

“Tanna and Malekula are two of the more heavily populated islands in Vanuatu and with a lot of athletic talent so it makes sense for us to develop the sport in these regional hubs before reaching out further. The idea is to develop young cricketers to a level where they can be scouted for the high performance set up and better yet grow the sport of cricket in the outer islands and use Vanuatu Cricket’s platform for positive social change in our communities through cricket,” said Vira.

The development officers have gone through two weeks of training at the VCA head office in Port Vila since their appointment and are now at their respective locations to start cricket development programs this year.

The VCA is excited for these appointments and are looking forward to seeing the talent that will continue to come out of these islands.


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