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Mark Stafford

Mr. Mark Stafford has been the President of the Vanuatu Cricket Association since 1991 and has been and is still an integral part of the Association. He has represented Vanuatu in the National Men's Team at the 1991 South Pacific Games in Port Moresby, PNG and at the 2001 Pacifica Cup in Auckland. In addition to being the President of the VCA, he now holds a position in the ICC Chief Executive Committee and is also the Director of Finance on the VCA Board.

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Garry Blake

Mr. Garry Blake is the Director of High Performance and he has been on the Vanuatu Cricket Association Board for almost 15 years. He has played in the National Men's team alongside former National Men's Captain, Andrew Mansale, and plays an integral part in the development of cricket in Vanuatu. He is also a big supporter of Club Cricket in Vanuatu, supporting his club cricket team, the Paama Sharks.

Nigel Morrison

Mr. Nigel Morrison is the current chairman of the Vanuatu Cricket Association and is recognized as one of Vanuatu Crickets best umpires locally and internationally.. He has been a part of Cricket in Vanuatu for over 10 years and continues to contribute to the development of the sport in Vanuatu particularly through umpiring. He is the current umpire's representative on the VCA Board. 

Tim Cutler

Mr. Tim Cutler was appointed as the Vanuatu Cricket CEO in 2021. Cutler has a wealth of knowledge in cricket and administration having previously been the CEO of cricket Hong Kong and pioneered the Emerging Cricket platform. 

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Mark Dunn

Mr. Mark Dunn is the treasurer of the Vanuatu Cricket Board and he has been an avid supporter of cricket in Vanuatu  since his playing days for local club Paama Sharks. He continues to support the development of cricket in Vanuatu at all levels through his participation in all aspects of the VCA, be it at club cricket competitions, supporting the National Women's Teams efforts with fundraisers or with his fantastic sense of humor that never fails to make any situation better. 


Neil Malosou
Mr. Neil Malosu is a memberof  the VCA board and his contributions are through his involvement in the Club Cricket Sub-Committee alongside Mr. Mark Hurley. He is a former employee of the VCA and his wealth experience from his time with the VCA makes him a valued addition to the board as he brings new ideas into how club cricket can be made better in Vanuatu. He is one of the founding members of the Mighty Saints Cricket Club. 

Damien Smith
Damien Smith is the Chairman of of the selectors panel responsible for the selection of all VCA National Teams. His position on the board reflects his experience as  Vanuatu Cricket's former opening batter in the National Men's Team. His participation and understanding of the International Cricket Stage makes him the best person for the job, to ensure that the VCA selects the best teams to represent Vanuatu at all international competitions. 


Mark Hurley

Mr. Mark Hurley is currently a member of the VCA Board responsible for the Club Cricket Sub-Committee and he works alongside Mr. Neil Malosu both of whom still actively participate in their respective clubs. He was the wicket keeper for the National Men's Squad in the early 2000s and he has since retired from National duty but is still active in his local club, the North Efate Bush Pigs.  He is also Vanuatu Crickets Legal Representative on the board.

Tom Adams
Mr. Tom Adams is a member of the VCA board and is the current club captain of the North Efate Bushpigs. He is a strong supporter of Club Cricket in Vanuatu and continues to support all levels of cricket development in Vanuatu. 

Richard Simeon
Mr. Richard Simeon is the latest addition to the VCA Board. Having previously sat on the Board his return reflects his standing and experience as one of Vanuatu Cricket's former National players in the National Men's Team. His links to Malapoa College and the Presbyterian Church make him and invaluable resource as a member of the VCA Board. 

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