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Cricket Tourism

 Cricket Tourism offers a simple yet unique experience for those who dare to try! Play cricket on the newly renovated grounds that previously made the headlines for its crab holes, against the crab hole fielding experts, our National Teams!

Vanuatu Home to 300,000 people deeply rooted in a sporting culture, custom values and finding joy in the simplest things in life.

Vanuatu Cricket is home to the highest ranked national teams in Vanuatu with the National Men's Team ranked 31st in the world (ODI) and National Women's Team Ranked 29th globally (T20I)

Immerse in quality team bonding, drink in the culture and soak in the sunshine. Soar through the jungle or reel in a catch with our adventurous plans because who would survive without adventure? Definitly not us!

Do you dare to experience the simplicity, exuberance and spontaneity of Vanuatu Cricket?

We dare you to try this cricket experience you will never forget!

Then Wake Up and Repeat!



Simple, Exuberant, Spontaneous

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Packages >

1 Week of Cricket,


Our cricket tourism package will include a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed alongside cricket.

These activities will provide thrill seeking adventures, cultural awareness, team bonding opportunities, community activities and the opportunity to experience the simplicity of Vanuatu.

The package will cover the following costs:

  • Flights

  • Accomodation (Breakfast Included)

  • Transportation

  • 2 Activities selected from the list below

    • Golf

    • Snorkelling

    • Round Island Tour (Includes lunch, swimming, cultural villages and scenic stops)

    • Zip Line over the jungle

    • Team bonding Adventures

    • Buggy Tours

  • Match Fees (balls, officials etc)

  • 1 Main dinner event

  • Game day lunches

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