Damien Smith

Damien Smith is the chairman of selectors, a former national player and a member of the VCA Executive. His experience representing Vanuatu at international competitions, qualifies him for this role, to ensure that the VCA selects the best teams to represent Vanuatu at any International or regional competitions. His team on the selection panel includes, the CEO of the VCA and the High Performance Manager. 

Jeremy Bray

Jeremy Bray is the current High Performance Manager of the VCA and acts also as the national men's coach. Bray has represented Ireland at senior level and Australia at U19 level including stints with the NSW state team. Bray was named as the High Performance Manager of the VCA in 2021 having previously coached Ireland Women, and Denmark and with that has extensive knowledge of associate level cricket. 

Tim Cutler

Tim Cutler is the current CEO of the VCA and has played and been involved in a high level of cricket throughout his career more directly so with Cricket Hong Kong. His wealth of experience makes him valuable to the panel of selectors and contributes to the success of the National Teams.