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Pierre Chilia,

Currently manages the development School cricket programs. He is the first employee of the VCA and he has been looking after the development of cricket in Vanuatu for over 20 years. 


With participation and involvement numbers now above 20,000, the VCA are happily on the rise and continue to develop cricket in the region.

Being the largest department of the Association the VCA also uniquely employs its national players as development officers (Contracted National Players) in order to help raise the best quality of cricketers and give back to our cricketing family.

For more information you can contact Pierre at or through the 'Contact us' section. 



Our Outreach on Santo began in 2010 and has continued to grow year by year so much so that we have four development staff now all equiped to grow the game in Santo.


One of our more recently developed outreach centers Malekula is now showing huge potential for development and remains a wonderful center to help develop cricket in Vanuatu.

North Efate

North Efate is the first Outreach outpost and has developed so much so that we have produced some International cricketers here and they have a Womens Club team who succesfully play in the senior domestic competition



Cricket I Blong Evriwan Program (Cricket is for Everyone)

This program promotes Inclusion in sport and it is the first sport disability program in Vanuatu. The program enables the Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) to reach out to people living in communities with a disability and encourages them to participate in sports and involve them in different modified activities that enable them to stay fit and have fun. The VCA partners with the Rainbow theatre and Vanuatu Society for People Living with a Disability to facilitate this program. 


#SportsDiplomacy #sportsinclusion

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