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Splashe Mele Bulls & North Efate Bushpigs Claim PCS Independence Cup

Vanuatu's annual PCS Independence Cup reached its climax last month, coinciding with the nation's 43rd Independence celebrations. The competition showcased remarkable cricket talent, culminating in the Women's Splashe Mele Bulls and the Men's North Efate Bushpigs claiming the Independence Cup titles, alongside a notable 100,000 Vatu grand prize.

After overcoming the Semi-finalists Paama Sharks (Men's) and North Efate Bushpigs (Women's) in the morning sessions, the teams progressed to the final face-offs against Tusker Panthers (Men's) and Ifira Blackbirds (Women's). Their victories secured them not only the Independence Cup trophies but the coveted 100,000 Vatu grand prize.

The runners-up, Tusker Panthers and Ifira Blackbirds, were also acknowledged with a commendable sum of 50,000 Vatu each. Additionally, players who achieved the remarkable feat of securing three or more wickets and attaining 50-run milestones during the tournament were duly recognized for their outstanding performances.

Among the standout achievers were:

  • Vicky Mansale (Splashe Mele Bulls) - Player of the Tournament

  • Nick Vanables (North Efate Bushpigs) - Player of the Tournament and secured 4 wickets.

  • Teresa Mansale (Splashe Mele Bulls) - Noted for her impressive 68 runs.

  • Netty Chilia (Splashe Mele Bulls) - Acknowledged for her contribution of 3 wickets.

  • Rachel Andrew (Ifira Blackbirds) - Recognized for her 61 runs.

  • Leimauri Chilia (Splashe Mele Bulls) - Commended for amassing 78 runs.

  • Lesau Andrew (Ifira Blackbirds) - Applauded for securing 5 wickets.

  • Leimara Tastuki (Splashe Mele Bulls) - Acknowledged for her 4 wickets.

  • Jonah Toddah (Tusker Panthers) - Recognized for his contribution of 3 wickets.

  • Surya Lekai (Tusker Panthers) - Commended for achieving 3 wickets.

  • Curran Kendrick (Paama Sharks) - Noted for securing 3 wickets.

  • Roderick Lekai (Tafea CC) - Recognized for his contribution of 3 wickets.

  • Cazzavio Yawoi (Tafea CC) - Acknowledged for his commendable 3 wickets.

  • Kalo Shem (North Efate Bushpigs) - Celebrated for his achievement of 52 runs.

The annual PCS Independence Cup stands as a testament to the depth of cricketing talent within Vanuatu, highlighting the dedication, skill, and passion displayed by its participants. The Vanuatu Cricket Association would also like to acknowledge and thank PCS (Power & Communication Solutions) for their continued support and sponsorship of the annual tournament, demonstrating their commitment to the development of cricket and sport in Vanuatu.

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