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VCA Appoints Long-time Denmark Head Coach as High-Performance Manager

The Vanuatu Cricket Association has appointed Jeremy Bray, Denmark’s head coach since 2014, as Vanuatu Cricket’s new head coach and high-performance manager. Bray, a former player in the Ireland national men’s cricket team and Australian U19s team, has an extensive track record over the last three decades as a player and a coach and the VCA are expecting to welcome him into Vanuatu in the not-too-distant future. His experience and cricket knowledge are desperately needed in Vanuatu as the VCA are left without a head coach soon after appointing Simon Keen in 2020, who could not continue in the role, as a direct result of the global impacts of COVID-19. Vanuatu Cricket’s former head coach and outgoing CEO, Shane Deitz expressed that Bray’s appointment is a welcome relief and it is vital to the development of the VCA at high performance level. “The VCA is thrilled to appoint Bray because to find someone at his calibre is extremely difficult and we have been without a full-time coach and high-performance manager for over three years. National team performance at the global stage is key to the development and existence of the VCA and we look forward to welcoming Jeremy to Vanuatu. “We (VCA) have high expectations for him as I’m sure he has for us and he is the best candidate for this role so we are confident that he will be taking our high-performance team and Vanuatu Cricket in the right direction and that is towards success and growth,” Deitz said. After six successful years with the Danish Cricket Association, Bray stated that he is ready to hand over his role to someone fresh while he starts a new chapter with the VCA, a decision he feels will benefit both cricketing countries. “It means a lot to me to be appointed the new High-performance manager of Vanuatu cricket. I feel extremely honoured and privileged that Shane and the board have shown the confidence in me to take over what is no doubt a very attractive role for a high-performance coach. From all reports, the Vanuatu cricketing community is a very proud and tight knit unit which tells me there is a lot of history and great culture attached to the organization which has me very excited knowing I will soon be a part of that community,” Bray said. Praising the skills and talents of the Vanuatu national players Bray stated that he is excited to transfer his extensive knowledge of cricket to the national teams with a focus on developing the national teams’ skills to play spin which is key to any team’s success in the Associate cricket world. “What I can offer is developing skill levels and transferring my extensive knowledge of what it takes both on and off the field to bring Vanuatu cricket especially at the High-performance stage to the next level. “The formula for success in the associate world is pretty simple. You must have batsmen who are good at playing spin and have good spin bowlers because that is exactly what the majority of Associate cricket is based around and that is spin bowling. Combine that with disciplined skilful seam bowlers and an outstanding fielding unit, then you are well on your way to going higher up the ranks in the Associate world.” Bray is expected to be in Vanuatu in February and the Vanuatu Cricket Association is looking forward to welcoming him to the Association and into the wider Vanuatu Cricket Community. -END-

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