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Social Impact & Inclusion


Vanuatu Cricket are dedicated to empowering women and youth through the game of cricket. Through the support of the Australian Government and "TeamUp" Our programs aim to promote gender equality, youth development, and community cohesion, with a focus on women's island cricket and school-based initiatives. Additionally, we are committed to combatting Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) through health awareness campaigns integrated into our cricket initiatives.

Vanuatu Cricket's Social Impact and Inclusion Program is committed to fostering gender equality, empowering youth, and building stronger communities through cricket. We strive to create opportunities for women and young people to thrive, both on and off the cricket field, while also addressing social issues such as Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and promoting health awareness to combat NCDs.

Key Initiatives>

Women's Island Cricket:

We prioritize the development of women's cricket in Vanuatu, particularly in rural and island communities. Through targeted outreach programs, coaching clinics, and tournaments, we encourage female participation in cricket and provide opportunities for women and girls to showcase their talents. By empowering women through cricket, we aim to promote gender equality and inspire leadership within local communities. Our Gender Based violence initiatives also allow us to speak openly to the many women that join our programs as well as act as a safe haven for many of the mamas

School Development Programs:

We believe in the importance of cricket as a tool for youth development and education. Our school-based initiatives provide resources, coaching, and support to schools across Vanuatu, enabling students to participate in cricket and learn valuable life skills. Through school competitions and coaching workshops, we promote teamwork, discipline, and respect among students while also delivering important messages about combatting Gender Based Violence through a tailored and unique set of theatrical dramas based on real life scenarios. 

Community Engagement:

We engage with communities throughout Vanuatu to promote the social benefits of cricket and encourage participation from all members, regardless of gender or background. Our community outreach programs include cricket festivals, family fun days, and cultural exchanges, fostering connections and promoting inclusivity. By bringing people together through cricket, we strengthen social bonds and promote understanding among diverse groups while also raising awareness about NCD prevention and management and Gender Based Violence.

Through our social impact and inclusion program, we have seen remarkable transformations within Vanuatu communities. From empowering women to lead cricket teams to fostering a love for the game among school children, cricket has become a catalyst for positive change. Our success stories highlight the resilience, determination, and spirit of unity that define Vanuatu Cricket's commitment to empowering women and youth through sport, while also promoting health awareness to combat NCDs.

Get Involved>

Whether you're a player, coach, volunteer, or supporter, there are many ways to get involved with Vanuatu Cricket's Social Impact and Inclusion Program. Together, we can create a more inclusive, equitable, and healthier society for all.

For more information about Vanuatu Cricket's Social Impact and Inclusion Program or to get involved, please contact our social impact and inclusion manager, Mary-Estelle Mahuk, via email at or via phone on +678 5379178

At Vanuatu Cricket, we believe in the power of cricket to bring about positive change in communities. Through our focus on women's island cricket and school development programs, we are empowering women and youth to reach their full potential while also promoting health awareness to combat NCDs. Join us as we continue to use cricket as a tool for social impact and inclusion in Vanuatu.

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