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14 New Cricket Scorers for the VCA

Author: Melissa Fare, Vanuatu Cricket Association

The Vanuatu cricket association conducted a scoring seminar on the 14th of May 2020, at the Vanuatu Cricket High Performance Centre, which was facilitated by National Player, Simpson Obed.

The seminar was facilitated with the aim to train cricketers to score in a cricket match and to increase the number of cricket scorers within Vanuatu. The seminar saw total of 14 participants altogether, each representing their respective cricket clubs.

The scoring seminar covered the basic umpiring signals which is vital for any cricket scorer, learning and identifying the different sections of a score book and how to balance the score book. The seminar ended with a game scenario to mimic an actual match where the scorers had to put their newfound knowledge to use.

Vanuatu Cricket is committed to increasing the number of qualified cricket officials in Vanuatu and this scoring seminar has contributed towards achieving that goal. This seminar has also strengthened the link between the VCA and Cricket Clubs in Vanuatu to continue working together to develop cricket within the country.

Simpson Obed, national player, and facilitator expressed that the seminar was a success for the Vanuatu Cricket Association and the Clubs involved.

“This is a big plus for the VCA because this seminar has created opportunities for a new group of certified scorers to help with the running of competitions and it is a huge step forward for clubs and the VCA in their continued efforts to grow cricket in Vanuatu,” said Obed.

The participants of the scoring seminar are now certified cricket scorers and are qualified to officiate the scoring of cricket matches in Vanuatu. The VCA would like to acknowledge the Clubs for taking the initiative to send their participants to participate in the scoring seminar.


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