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Annual Women's Island Cricket Independence Cup Hits Off in Vanuatu

The annual Women's Island Cricket Independence Cup commenced on the 24th of June at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds. This event, celebrating the nation's independence, will run until the 29th of July, just ahead of Independence Day.

The competition features six teams: Imaki, Erakor, Vila North, Blacksands, Eton, and the reigning champions, Ifira. Fresh from their victory in the Shefa Day Cup last month, Ifira aims to continue their winning streak and defend their title.

Beyond the competition for the shield, the event also focuses on social impact and inclusion. Social Impact & Inclusion Ambassador Mary Estelle Mahuk, in collaboration with Team Up Australia, is leading initiatives to raise awareness about non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and gender-based violence.

Mary Mahuk shared her thoughts on the event: "It's an annual event as part of independence celebrations, plus mama's physical activities to soak off NCD and high blood pressure. They have fun meeting new friends and staying in a safe environment the VCA provides. They feel safe and enjoy the games, forgetting all the pressures they face at home."

All are welcome to attend the matches, which are free to watch. As the Women's Island Cricket Independence Cup unfolds, it promises thrilling cricket matches and a positive impact on the community, promoting health, safety, and social inclusion.

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