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Recognition for VCA - President, Stafford, voted into ICC Chief Executive Committee

The Vanuatu Cricket Association have been given recognition at the International Cricket Council with the nomination of VCA’s president, Mark Stafford, into the ICC Chief Executive Committee (CEC).

The CEC comprises of chief executives from full members or test countries plus three elected representatives from the Associate members to represent the 93 additional member countries of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Voting happens every two years and Associate members are given the opportunity to vote for their representatives in the CEC.

This year the Associate member countries have voted in Mark Stafford who has contributed immensely to the growth of cricket not just in Vanuatu but in the Pacific as well and, two other candidates to carry the honor of representing the Associate Member countries in the ICC CEC.

Stafford is not new to the ICC committees with his experience going as far back to 2002 where he was part of the ICC development committee and later on the chairman of the affiliate members which are now Associate member countries. He expressed that his experience is something he will take to the CEC.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to represent Vanuatu and other Associate member countries at one of the top tables in world cricket. The experience that I have gained over the years and my passion for seeing equity in development is something I’ll take to the table at both the CEC and the development committee,” he said.

Stafford’s passion and determination to grow cricket in the Pacific has been apparent over the years and the growth and successes of the Vanuatu Cricket Association is a testament to his dedication.

The CEC looks at matters relating to the practice of cricket around the world and it has high involvement with full member nations in things like determining recommendations to how future tours program should look, the ICC’s test championship should look, how many games played over a period, identification of how to examine contentious rules issues that come back from the ICC’s Cricket Committee.

The CEC has a wide range of powers to look into any matters that they determine are significant such as making recommendations regarding cricket rules an example of which, is the most recent look into the concussion rule, to ensuring that members aren’t breaching ICC rules and conditions of being a member of the ICC.

With great responsibility on his shoulders, Stafford expressed that his nomination into the CEC will benefit the VCA greatly.

“Vanuatu is currently ranked 29th in the world in ODI rankings (50 over) and being a member of the CEC also means that I am now a member of the ICC’s Development Committee which has a lot more direct relevance to Vanuatu Cricket.  

“The development committee looks at the structure of global cricket below the test playing countries and the ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge League which Vanuatu is currently on their way to Malaysia to participate in, is part of the that structure.

“The development committee also looks at how funding models are developed to support the Associate member countries and that is important to Vanuatu,” Stafford said.

Stafford also said that he has no doubt he can contribute to the development of cricket globally and he states that his representation at the CEC is not just for the VCA but other Associate member countries as well.

“As the President of the VCA, I have a lot to contribute to global cricket particularly in the development aspect and I know that I will be able to bring a significant amount to the table to ensure that Associate member countries are developing and are benefiting from development opportunities.

“This is a huge honor for me but I am not representing only Vanuatu. I am representing other Associate member countries as well so I will take a decree of equity to the position but my heart will always be with Vanuatu Cricket,” Stafford concluded.  

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