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SHEFA Day Cup Celebrates Women's Island Cricket

This year's SHEFA Day Cup, organised by Ifira Stevedoring, has taken a significant step forward by including Women's Island Cricket in the festivities for the first time. A generous fund of Vt200,000 has been allocated to run the games, with Vt88,000 designated for transportation and incentives for umpires and scorers, and Vt112,000 set aside for cash prizes.

The knockout competition, taking place from June 6 to June 17, features six teams: Ifira, Imaki, Erakor, Eton, Blacksands, and Vila North. The tournament has already seen thrilling matches, with Erakor, Imaki and Vila North coming out on top during the Quarterfinals.

Upcoming Semi-Finals promise more excitement, with Erakor set to face Imaki tomorrow. The grand final will determine the winner on June 17, with all presentations scheduled for SHEFA Day on June 18.

In addition to the cricket competition, Mary Estelle Mahuk, Lead Social Impact & Inclusion Ambassador, has been rolling out Vanuatu Cricket's Gender-Based Violence (GBV) program with the support of TeamUp funded by the Australian Government. This initiative spreads awareness about issues surrounding women, using cricket as a tool to combat GBV and promote a safe and supportive environment for women in the community.

This inclusion of Women's Island Cricket is a landmark move, providing a safe environment for women to stay active and healthy, away from domestic issues and violence. It highlights the growing importance of women's sports in community celebrations alongside soccer and rugby.

For more updates and results, stay tuned as we celebrate the spirit of SHEFA Day and the empowering journey of Women's Island Cricket.



  • Quarter-Finals:

  • June 6: Erakor vs. Blacksands – Erakor WIN

  • June 7: Imaki vs. Eton – Imaki WIN

  • June 10: Vila North vs. Ifira – Ifira WIN

  • Semi-Finals:

  • June 11: Vila North vs. Blacksands – Vila North WIN

  • June 12: Imako vs. Eton – Imaki WIN

  • Grand Final:

  • June 14: Erakor vs. Imaki at 9:00 AM

  • June 17: Ifira vs. TBC at 9:00 AM

This integration of Women's Island Cricket not only enriches the SHEFA Day Cup but also fosters community spirit and inclusivity in sports.

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