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Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played according to the Laws, and also within the Spirit of Cricket.

Umpiring is one of the most important roles in Cricket and offers a fantastic avenue to be involved in the game you love.  Vanuatu Cricket is able to provide a significant amount of assistance for those seeking to become an umpire.

Cricket Umpires help keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone and whether you are seeking a career in umpiring or just wanting to be involved, umpiring develops life skills such as:

  • Leadership

  • Critical and clear thinking

  • Decision Making

  • Effective Communication

Vanuatu Cricket's Umpire Pathway>

Copy of Men's Profile Shots (3).png

ICC Development Panel>

The International Panel of ICC Development Umpires is a panel of international cricket umpires chosen by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Established in 2005, its members are drawn primarily (though not exclusively) from the organisation's associate members (rather than its full members). It stands alongside, and is intended to offer a career path into the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires. Umpires on the panel are not restricted to matches between associate teams, and have officiated at One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 International level.

Elite Panel>

Our Elite umpires are selected by the Vanuatu Umpires Association on a case by case basis. Selections are made following completion of the VCA's mandatory umpiring course and on performance at club and domestic level. From here umpires are given the opportunity to umpire at regional tournaments and will continue to do so based on performance and the ICC's rating of said umpire.

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Nigel Morrison

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Meriel Kenni

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Zechariah Shem

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Greg Walton

Domestic Panel>

Our Domestic umpires are the best of club cricket and those that similar to the elite panel must complete the required umpiring courses. The domestic scene allows umpires to participate and practice their trade in a high intensity environment with the best of them looking to gain spots as international umpires.

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Melissa Velvel Fare

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Geoff Cleland

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Jamal Vira

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Junior Kaltapau

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

McMillan Markia

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Rival Samson

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Pierre Chilia

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Darren Wotu

Tim VCA Profile.jpg

Rachel Andrew

Umpiring Resources>

To sign up as an umpire for Vanuatu Cricket, aspiring individuals are required to complete the ICC Umpire Foundation Course online. Following this, they must register for the ICC Level 1 Umpiring Course, which is conducted every three months in Port Vila. This process ensures that umpires receive comprehensive training in the rules and regulations of cricket, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to officiate matches effectively. By participating in these courses, individuals not only contribute to the growth of cricket in Vanuatu but also enhance their own understanding and proficiency in umpiring. Join us in fostering a vibrant cricket community by becoming a certified umpire today.

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