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2019 TVL Beach Cricket Carnival a Success

Vanuatu Cricket hosted its annual beach cricket carnival with the proud sponsorship of Telecom Vanuatu Limited in September which saw the participation of 12 schools and over 180 children including the participation of Eton school and Pikinini Playtime who were both new to the carnival.

Rain threatened to stop the carnival resulting in some schools not participating however, the VCA team and other schools were not willing to miss out on a day of fun cricket proving the purpose of the annual beach cricket carnival that, ‘cricket can be played anywhere and at any time’.

With over a decade dedicated to running this annual beach cricket carnival, the VCA aims to promote the spirit of good competition in sport through offering different ways for children to experience cricket while still being able to have fun and display their individual skills and abilities.

Pierre Chilia, Vanuatu Cricket’s General Manager for Development, expressed that he was impressed with the competitive spirit and the skills displayed by the children on the day.

“I am very impressed with the performances from the teams and what impressed me the most is the children’s ability to competitive and still have fun. During the entire day, rain and wind threatened to stop the carnival but that did not stop the children from hitting big sixes and being competitive to being friendly with huge smiles on their faces,” he said.

The carnival was played in two categories, boys and girls, and each of the 12 schools that participated fielded both a boys and girls team.

With tough competition throughout the day, it was down to the last runs scored and last wickets taken by teams in each match to see who went through to the grand finals.

At the end of tough round matches, Suango School who fielded more than one team on the day, saw their Suango 3 and Suango 1 team in the boys finals while in the girls final, Melemaat School took on Peter Pan.

Suango 3 came out victorious over Suango 1 in the boys’ category while Melemaat scraped home the victory against a very competitive Peter Pan side in the girls’ category.

The Vanuatu Cricket Association would like to acknowledge TVL for proudly sponsoring the 2019 beach cricket carnival and also acknowledge and congratulate the schools that have participated and are continue to participate in all VCA’s development programs.


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