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Adaptive Leadership Training for 25 Cricket Staff

Adaptive Leadership Training - Vanuatu Cricket Staff & Balance of Power

25 Vanuatu Cricket Association staff participated in an adaptive leadership training through their Social Impact and Inclusion program, at the VCA’s high performance center at Korman in the month of February.

The training was facilitated by Wilson Toa from Balance of Power with the purpose of providing participants with an understanding of the Adaptive Leadership framework, enhance participants' skills in applying the framework to leadership challenges, building and strengthening team work amongst participants, and establish the way and platform for women’s leadership.

This training happened off the back of the gender foundation training with program partners, World Vision Vanuatu, which eight of the VCA’s Social Impact and Inclusion Ambassadors attended and it served as an opportunity for the eight staff to practice facilitating a GBV session.

During the adaptive leadership training, the VCA staff had the opportunity to participate in discussion and activities covering the adaptive leadership framework, what is gender and sex, equality & equity, different forms of violence and the cycle of Violence.

Vanuatu Cricket’s Social Impact and Inclusion manager, Hannah Tamata, expressed that she felt that the training was a success because it has opened the staff’s way of thinking to include the wider picture of what is happening in society and how they can be the best leaders they can be to achieve a fairer world.

“I am very pleased that we are able to achieve the purpose of the training. It was important and exciting to see the adaptive leadership session set the tone for everyone in the room pushing them to think about their leadership. It was also important that we learned that everyone is a leader. This allowed everyone to think about the important leadership roles that women play and it gave us the opportunity to challenge issues affecting or preventing gender equality along with power issues, then we concluded with our gender base violence refresher which was excellent,” Tamata Said.

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is committed to using cricket as a platform for social impact and inclusion and therefore would like to acknowledge Balance of Power for starting the VCA staff on the path to successfully creating social impact and change.

Vanuatu Cricket's Social Impact and Inclusion program is funded by the Australian Government through TEAM UP.


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