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Bray Departs as High-Performance Manager

Pictured: Jeremy Bray at the 2021 VCA Fire & Ice Gala

Holiday Inn Vanuatu Men’s Cricket Team Assistant Coach, Eddie Mansale, will lead the National set up for the next few months following the unfortunate resignation of former Ireland International and Vanuatu High-Performance Manager, Jeremy Bray.

Bray submitted his resignation to Vanuatu Cricket eleven months into a three-year contract due to a combination of personal reasons and travel complications resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Vanuatu Cricket CEO Tim Cutler said Bray made a huge impact in his short time in the role. "Jeremy's departure is a huge blow for us. While there were frustrations for everyone during 2021 with no fewer than four ICC events either postponed or cancelled, Jeremy remained focused and had the contracted players in the best condition of their lives and had also improved every single individual's game thanks to his personal dedication and personalised style of coaching. It was also his idea to integrate our professional women's players with the men to create a blended group, creating surely the only professional international mixed cricket squad in the world. "He will be missed, but when it comes to your family's health, especially when they are on the other side of the world - let alone the complications with global travel and a still-closed Vanuatu border to all but citizens and visa holders, his decision is completely understandable. "There's nothing that needs sugarcoating here. Everyone had hoped and planned for Jeremy to return to Vanuatu after travelling to Ireland to get married in late 2021, but unfortunately, it was not to be. "He will be an asset to any organisation and I truly hope, now he is home in Dublin with his family, that after so many years of service as a player and coach, Cricket Ireland finds a place for him in their High Performance Program as they navigate the world as a recent-Test nation. Acting head coach Eddie Mansale said he was sad to see Bray leave but believes that Bray has left a lasting impact on the High-Performance Team.

“I am obviously a little disappointed as it’s a big loss for the Association, particularly given what Jeremy has managed to put in place during his tenure as head coach. I had really hoped he would be able to have the opportunity to take the team to an international tournament, especially with how well prepared the teams are.

“Moving forward though we have massive respect for what Jeremy has managed to give us and we hope to continue to strive towards the goals, standards and excellence he’s put in place for us.

“For now though we’re just looking to follow through on the plans Jeremy and the coaching staff established before his resignation,” Mansale said.

Bray expressed his disappointment at having to depart the role, and thanked the Association. "I sincerely thank everyone involved at Vanuatu Cricket from Board level down for the amazing opportunity and experience that was given to me. "I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside everyone and it's with great disappointment that I am unable to continue in my role," Bray said.

The Association would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy for his time in Vanuatu and wish him the best in his future endeavours. With a packed schedule towards the back end of 2022, the VCA will commence the recruitment process for a new High Performance Manager and Holiday Inn Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket Team Head Coach as soon as possible and details will be released shortly.

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