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Breaking Boundaries: South Santo's Dual Cricket Championships for Men and Women

In a landmark moment for South Santo cricket, the region is proud to announce the launch of its dual cricket championships, featuring separate men's and women's age group competitions. This historic event will see four dynamic teams compete across two divisions, showcasing the best of local cricket talent and reinforcing the community’s commitment to developing cricket in santo and the greater SANMA region.

The competition will feature Bakataura Cricket Club, South Santo Butterflies Cricket Club, Turi Cricket Club, and Natchara Cricket Club. Each team will play six fixtures, across both mens and womens leagues.

The launch of these dual championships reflects South Santo's commitment to promoting gender equality in sports and providing equal opportunities for male and female athletes.

"We are excited to launch these dual championships, which highlight the incredible talent and passion for cricket in South Santo," said Jonas Piloe, Northern Provincial Outreach Officer of the Vanuatu Cricket Association. "This event is a testament to our dedication to developing cricket for both men and women particularly in the lead up to the Splashe National Youth Championships later this year"

Piloe expressed his gratitude for the outstanding support received from the community and local authorities. He emphasized the pride in being involved in the historic championship and the enthusiasm to enable the teams to showcase their best performance, thus motivating the next generation of cricketers in South Santo and preparing them for future scholarships in the National Youth Championships.

With growing excitement, the South Santo community is prepared to support their teams. The upcoming dual championships offer not just exciting cricket matches but also an opportunity to promote unity and sportsmanship in the area. Backed by strong support from local authorities and the commitment of players, this tournament is set to establish itself as a key event in South Santo's cricket scene.

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