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After more than a decade of service to Vanuatu Cricket, the VCA Board of Directors would like to issue this official statement to announce that Andrew Mansale has decided to step down from his role as the Captain of the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket team.

President of the VCA, Mark Stafford made this announcement on Friday November 8 and expressed the VCA’s gratitude to Mansale’s passion and contribution to the growth of cricket in Vanuatu during his time as the captain of the Vanuatu National Men’s Team.

“The VCA wishes to acknowledge the wonderful contribution that Andrew Mansale has made to the Vanuatu National Cricket Team. Andrew has been one of the longest serving captains in the global cricket world and he has served with honor and distinction.

“Under Andrew’s leadership Vanuatu has moved from a global ranking in the 50’s to our current position of 29th in the world which is a fantastic achievement in itself.

“Andrew has shown rare grace and diplomacy over the time that he has been captain of Vanuatu. He has received compliments from many people and has deserved them all.

“Andrew is not lost to cricket as he will continue to play for Vanuatu and to make a huge contribution to our future performances,” Stafford said.

Mansale dedicated 16 years of his life to the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket team with the responsibility of leading the team on his shoulders for 10 of these years.

In his statement, Mansale expressed that “It was an honor” for him to be trusted with the role of captain for many years but he feels that it is time to pass the responsibility on to someone who can continue to lead the team just as he did.

“It was an honor to be able to captain the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket team for as long as I did and I feel that I have had a good run but I also feel that it is time to hand over the captaincy to one of the younger guys with fresh ideas and with the capacity to continue taking Vanuatu Cricket forward.

“I cannot believe that the years have gone by so quickly but I have enjoyed every moment of it and the best part for me is seeing the boys develop into the great cricketers they are now.  I have coached most of them in school through the VCA’s development programs many years ago and then to play alongside them and lead them through all the successes and challenges is the best possible outcome for me and for Vanuatu Cricket and I am very honored.

“Playing alongside people like Patrick Haines, Pierre Chilia, Garry Blake and my brother Eddie Mansale and the support from Mark Stafford and the VCA has had a huge impact on the type of leader and cricketer that I am and I would like to humbly thank all of them for their support and guidance over the years.

“I would also like to humbly thank all the fans and supporters of Vanuatu Cricket for all the support they have given me and the team and for sticking with us through all the highs and the lows and it has been an honor to lead the team that represents them and Vanuatu as a whole.

“To my team mates, thank you for the great journey we have had together, thank you for the brotherhood, thank you for supporting me as the captain, thank you for the respect and the trust you had for me and thank you for the fantastic team work and for making every tournament a unique and wonderful experience for all of us. It’s not over yet and even though I am stepping down as the captain, I will still be there to support the next captain and I will continue to fight alongside the rest of you as a player and member of the team.

“Last but not the least, I would like to congratulate my successor and offer my full support for him in this role. It is not an easy role and you will be pushed to the edge on some occasion and you will feel like giving up but always remember that you will always have the team supporting you on and off the field. As long as you know that you have that, you have nothing to worry about because the team is what matters and they are the ones who will be fighting the battle with you and I will join them to support you and keep fighting for the team and for Vanuatu.

“I will miss making decisions in the field, naming the team, coffee and discussions with coaches and most of all leading the team as the captain but I know that the future is bright for the team. Thank you,” Mansale concluded.

Nalin Nipiko Newly appointed Captain of the Vanuatu National Men's Cricket Team With Mansale's decision to step down as the captain, the Vanuatu Cricket Board have appointed 24 year old Nalin Nipiko from Tanna, as the new Captain of the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket Team. 

Along with Nipiko's appointment, Patrick Matautaava has been appointed as Vice-Captain of the National Men's Cricket Team. 

President of the VCA, Mark Stafford is pleased to announce both appointments but said that Nipiko’s appointment came as a result of his growth as a leader and a cricketer.

“The VCA Board is excited to announce that we have appointed Nalin Nipiko as Captain of the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket Team.

“Nalin has grown as a player and a man since the time that he captained Vanuatu U-19s and then was Man of the Series in the World Cricket League when he was just 16 years old.

“Now, eight years later, Nalin has been selected to take the top job as Vanuatu’s Captain and we have great faith that Nalin will prove to be a very good leader of our Vanuatu Cricket Team. He will have the full support of the VCA Board and all of our national cricket players. We look forward to ongoing success and to continue to move up on the world stage under Nalin’s leadership,” he concluded.

Nipiko has accepted and welcomed the appointment with honor, gratitude and enthusiasm for the future.

“I am humbled that the VCA have given me the honor to lead the National Men’s Cricket team. Andrew’s shoes are big to fill but I am honored to be his successor and I would like to thank him for setting the example for myself and the team.

“I have looked up to Andrew my entire cricket career and I am confident that with his support throughout this transition, the VCA’s support, the team’s support, I will be able to add value to the team and Vanuatu Cricket with the new ideas and style of leadership that I will bring.

“Taking on this role will be a massive challenge for me but I am prepared and determined to have a growth mindset that will allow myself to grow and lead the team successfully.

“I kindly ask that everyone support myself and the team on this new journey and I will do my best to serve the team and contribute to the growth of the team globally and locally as other captains have done in the past,” Nipiko concluded.

The Vanuatu Cricket Association congratulates Nipiko on his new role as the captain of the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket team and kindly ask that everyone support and encourage him in this exciting role.

Sincerely, Mark Stafford President of the Vanuatu Cricket Association.


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