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Vanuatu T10 Blast: Tournament Guide!

Author: Daniel Beswick (Emerging Cricket)

BetBarter Vanuatu Blast news brought to you by Vanuatu Cricket in partnership with Emerging Cricket

Tangkyu tumas Vanuatu!

More cricket is on for all of us to sit down and enjoy from the group of islands in the Pacific, and you don’t need to be an expert in Bislama to immerse yourself in the fiery action over the five days of action over four weeks!

The BetBarter Vanuatu T10 Blast begins Thursday on the hybrid wicket at the VCG in Port Vila, with three teams vying to be crowned the inaugural champion. Enjoying almost 500,000 views of their Women’s T20 finals day in late April, it’s the men vying for a trophy in a new-look tournament, with a new look logo.

Even going as far as refusing foreign aid works from entry into the country after Cyclone Harold in April, Vanuatu has escaped the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the possibility of live cricket alive. There are still no confirmed cases in the country, and over 50 players across Vanuatu will be thrown into the limelight, competing in front of thousands in relative safety.

Vanuatu T10 Blast Fixtures

Teams will play in a triple round robin format, with the top two teams doing battle in the tournament final on the afternoon of June 13.

How to watch

Indian sports community platform Rooter has won broadcast rights to the tournament, with the platform telecasting matches across its website and their app. According to news reports, there will be opportunities to interact with players and other fans during live sessions. Sports Tiger have also announced they will be streaming the tournament, and CricTracker will broadcast the competition via YouTube worldwide.

The Venue

The proclaimed “Vanuatu Cricket Ground” in Port Vila is the location for the T10 Blast, playing on the hybrid wicket at the facility. A mix of artificial grass and clay, it plays on the slower side, without wear and tear of turf wickets.

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