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VCA Launch ‘CRICKET I BLONG EVRIWAN’- Cricket is for everyone

‘CRICKET I BLONG EVRIWAN’ (CIBE) – is the new Social Impact and Inclusion program brand the Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) is proud to launch marking the 20th anniversary of cricket development programs in Vanuatu and the VCA’s commitment to the community.

CRICKET I BLONG EVRIWAN - VCA Social Impact Program Logo

With the VCA delivering several Social Impact Programs in the community, Melissa Fare, VCA’s Marketing Manager, conveyed that it is high time the VCA creates a common identity that represents the spirit of cricket and what it means to the people of Vanuatu. “We want to create a brand that identifies and best represents our social impact programs and what we (VCA) stand for as an organization. In English the brand translates to CRICKET IS FOR EVERYONE and we have made the commitment to play our part in ensuring that we create a safe and inclusive environment for all through cricket and within the cricket community,” Fare said. VCA CEO, Tim Cutler, joined Fare to emphasize the importance of the CIBE brand and said, “It’s been twenty years of cricket development in Vanuatu, which we recently celebrated alongside Mark Stafford’s amazing three decades as President of the VCA. So, it is fitting that we launch this brand and logo now that will sit above all our Social Impact programs as we look even further into the future. “Cricket I Blong Evriwan was actually the name of our first Social Impact Program, when we ran sessions to introduce the game to people living with a disability, almost 15 years ago. “Since then, we have also added Women’s Island Cricket; a modified version of the game designed to get women and girls active while also conducting health checks and education around NCDs. In partnership with the Australian Government through their TeamUp program, in 2021 we have rolled out ‘Appeal Against Violence’ alongside our school programs to help educate young minds to prevent and reduce gender-based violence. “Through Cricket I Blong Evriwan, we will use cricket as a tool for positive social change; to raise awareness around inequality, gender-based violence and NCDs and provide community members with practical tools to cultivate equitable violence-free relationships and lead healthy, active and inclusive lives here in Vanuatu,” he said. The launch of the brand was made through the unveiling of the ‘Cricket I Blong Everiwan’ logo which will now sit alongside the Vanuatu Cricket logo and be visible on the shirt of every staff, development officer, school ambassador and national player. “Whenever someone in Vanuatu is participating in a VCA-led activity and see this logo they will know that cricket is a sport for everybody, and they will only need to glance at it to know what we mean by that. “Our national players are the ultimate Ambassadors for cricket and our country, and the ‘CIBE’ brand is intrinsic to who we are as a sport, so this logo will also be worn by our teams as they travel the world to represent the VCA, and the people of Vanuatu,” said Cutler.

The CIBE logo represents Vanuatu Cricket’s key social impact programs and is presented as follows:

  • Cricket I Blong Evriwan - Bislama for 'cricket is for everyone' and it represents the VCA's commitment to being a safe and inclusive space and sport for all.

  • Stop violence against women and girls’ symbol, the hand - represents our ‘appeal against violence program which aims to combat and reduce violence against women and girls and promote gender equality in our communities.

  • Woman playing cricket with Island Dress – represents our vibrant ‘women’s island cricket program’ educating and promoting healthy lifestyles through diet, fitness, and physical activities, fight non-communicable diseases (NCDs), promote self-reliance and useful life skill development, educate around women’s reproductive health and family planning, and promote gender equality in our communities through cricket.

  • Para-cricketer playing cricket in a wheel chair – represents our para-cricket program which we are in the process of reviving to encourage disability inclusion in sport and empower and recognize the unique abilities of all Ni-Vanuatu people.

  • Little girl playing cricket – represents our school cricket programs where we develop cricketers and future leaders and change makers for our communities and country.

“This is a very proud moment and achievement for Vanuatu Cricket because not only does it show our commitment to use our sport as a tool for social impact and change, but it is also a pledge that we have made to challenge ourselves and others daily to be the positive change and make a difference in our communities and country,” Melissa Fare concluded. The Vanuatu Cricket Association would like to acknowledge SAVVY Vanuatu and Lionfish Design Studios for bringing the vision and design of the ‘Cricket I Blong Evriwan’ logo to life.


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