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Wins for Ifira Sharks and MT Bulls in Day 2 of Ridgway Blake Lawyers T10 League

Author: Melissa Fare, Vanuatu Cricket Association

Day 2 of the Ridgway Blake Lawyers (RBL) T10 league featured wins for the MT Bulls and Ifira Sharks and ME Panthers still without a win. WOMEN In the morning of Saturday, November 7th, day 2 of the RBL T10 league, Mighty Efate Panthers women, took on the Ifira Sharks in the first match then the Mele Tafea Bulls in the second women’s match. In the first match, Ifira Sharks won the toss and elected to bat first. The decision to bat first saw Ruth Kaltongga (16) and Leimara Tastuki (8) open the batting for the Sharks who were a stronger bowling side. The partnership ended with the dismissal of Tastuki which allowed Mahina Tarimiala (13) and Judy Avok (13*) to contribute with the bat taking the Sharks total to a mere 71 runs after their 10 overs. ME Panthers, the better batting side with a total of just 72 runs to win, were optimistic as they sent in Merielle Kenni (23) and Maiylisse Carlot (1) with hopes to secure a quick win. Sharks, in the absence of their spinners, depended on their pace bowlers to defend their title. A wicket maiden over from Sharks’ captain, Melissa Fare (1/7), dismissed Maiylisse Carlot and boosted the confidence of the Sharks’ fielders. Panthers Captain, Selina Solman (4), replaced Carlot on the crease but did not last long as she was caught attempting a leg side shot. Kyla Niras (12) increased the winning chances of the Panthers; however, she was dismissed by Kaltongga and with no more overs remaining, the Panthers finished with just 58 runs giving the Sharks a 13 runs victory. Ruth Kaltongga was awarded the Pacific Private Bank player of the match award for her 16 runs and 1/8 bowling contribution to the Ifira Shark’s victory. Match Summary: ME Panthers vs Ifira Sharks Ifira Sharks defeated ME Panthers by 13 runs Ifira Sharks 4/71: R. Kaltongga 16, J. Avok 13, M. Tarimiala 13, V. Tari 2/10 ME Panthers 4/58: M. Kenni 23, K. Niras 12, M. Fare 1/7, R. Kaltongga 1/8 Player of match: Ruth Kaltongga, 16 runs, 1 wicket for 8 runs off 2 overs. In the second women’s match, the ME Panthers won the toss and elected to bat first with the hopes to turn their luck around and secure a win against the MT Bulls. Opening their batting, Merielle Kenni (16) and Selina Solman (18) kicked off the ME Panther’s inning with a 21 runs partnership before Kenni was dismissed. Maiylisse Carlot (25*), replaced Kenni and starred with the bat as her partnership with Solman took the Panthers over the 50 runs mark and later her partnership with Kyla Niras (15*) took their total to 85 runs at the end of their innings. MT Bulls with a total of 86 runs to win, decided they wanted a quick chase and sent in Valenta Langiatu (48), well known for her big hitting and aggressive opening along with Nasimana Navaika (26*) to open the MT Bulls chase. Langiatu, without hesitation sent balls around the VCG hitting a total of ten FOURS before she was dismissed. Her incredible inning, contributed to a 76 runs opening partnership with Navaika, the biggest of the women’s category. Alvina Chilia (5*) entered the crease to support Navaika as they drove home the third victory for the MT Bulls women with a 9 wicket win against the ME Panthers. The Pacific Private Bank player of the match was awarded to Valenta Langiatu for her outstanding knock of 48 runs off 26 balls which ultimately took home the victory for MT Bulls in just 7.2 overs. Match Summary: ME Panthers vs MT Bulls MT Bulls defeated ME Panthers by 9 wickets ME Panthers 3/85: M. Carlot 25, S. Solman 18, M. Kenni 16, N. Navaika 1/14 MT Bulls 1/86: V. Langiatu 48, N. Navaika 26*, K. Niras 1/15 Player of match: Valenta Langiatu, 48 runs off 26 balls MEN In the afternoon of Day 2 of the RBL T10 League, the ME Panthers, scheduled for 2 games, faced the Ifira Sharks first then the MT Bulls in the final match of the day. In the first match of the afternoon, Ifira Sharks won the toss and elected to bowl first, with the hopes that their strong bowling attack will limit the ME Panthers to a reachable target. Joshua Rasu (24), took responsibility for opening the Panthers’ batting and with the support from Wesley Viraliliu (47) who starred with the bat and scored six SIXES and one FOUR, resulted in the Panthers setting a total score of 107 runs at the end of their inning. Apolinaire Stephen (2/16) and Vince Vira (2/19) were the wicket takers for the Ifira Sharks. In the second inning, Ifira Sharks needing 108 runs to win opened with captain Nalin Nipiko (19) and Apolinaire Stephen (7) but a team effort from the Sharks’ batting which saw William Yamak score 34 runs, Wolford Kalworai 16 runs and Ala Viraliliu with 11 runs, all contribute to their 5 wicket win over the ME Panthers with six balls remaining. Wesley Viraliliu picked up the Pacific Private Bank player of the match for his 47 runs knock regardless of the result of the match. Match Summary: ME Panthers vs Ifira Sharks Ifira Sharks defeated ME Panthers by 5 wickets ME Panthers 6/107: W. Viraliliu 47, J. Rasu 24, M. Markia 16, A. Stephen 2/16, V. Vira 2/19 Ifira Sharks 5/110: W. Yamak 34, N. Nipiko 19, W. Kalworai 16, W. Vira 2/19 Player of match: Wesley Viraliliu, 47 runs off 23 balls, 2 wickets for 19 runs off 2 overs. In the last match of the day, the ME Panthers hoping to steal a win from the MT Bulls who won the toss and elected to bat first. Patrick Matautaava, in his first match of the RBL T10 League after missing out on the Day 1 action, opened the batting for the MT Bulls and scored a quickfire 67 runs off 28 balls to mark his return. MT Bulls batsmen without having much success as Matautaava, did not worry the Bulls as they still managed to post 119 runs at the end of their innings. Panthers’ captain, Joshua Rasu (2/20) and Simpson Obed (2/26), picked up the most wickets each for the Bulls. ME Panthers, having just scored, 107 runs in their previous match against the Sharks, seemed to be in a position to reach the total target of 120 runs to win as Joshua Rasu (16) and Junior Kaltapau (42) scored 30 runs in their opening partnership within the 3 power play overs. However, the fall of Rasu’s wicket and Godfrey Mangau (3/10) taking the crucial wicket of Kaltapau, Simpson Obed (19) and MacMillan Markia, left the Panthers scrambling for runs and gave the MT Bulls a convincing 28 runs victory against the ME Panthers. Patrick Matautaava won the Pacific Private Bank player of the match award for his outstanding knock of 67 runs of just 28 balls. Match Summary: ME Panthers vs MT Bulls MT Bulls defeated the ME Panthers by 28 runs MT Bulls 5/119: P. Matautaava 67, R. Samson 12, C. Tommy 11, J. Rasu 2/20, S. Obed 2/26 ME Panthers 5/91: J. Kaltapau 43, S. Obed 19, J. Rasu 16, G. Mangau 3/10, P. Matautaava 1/6 Player of match: Patrick Matautaava, 67 runs off 28 balls, 1 wicket for 6 runs off 1 over. The competition will continue this coming Saturday, November 7th at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds, with the fixtures as follows: Women: 10:00am Start Men: 2:00pm Start The VCA is inviting the local sporting community to come and support the teams and enjoy a great day of sport with family and friends. -END-

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