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Women’s Island Cricket Non-Communicable Disease Cup Underway

The Women’s Island Cricket annual Non-Communicable Disease Cup, organized by the Vanuatu Cricket Association, is underway, marking one of the final events of the 2023 cricket season. The tournament, which started on October 18, is set to conclude on November 14, coinciding with NCD Day. Remaining matches are to be played at Erakor Field, and the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds (Korman).

Competing for the Cup are teams including reigning champions Ifira, Imaki, Vila North, Erakor, Blacksands, and Eratap. Established in 2015, the competition promotes women’s participation in sports and overall health improvement.

Prior to the tournament’s start, the Social Impact, and Inclusion Department, led by Mary Estelle Mahuk, conducted health check-ups at Island Cricket Clubs in Port Vila. The checks encompassed vital parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and weight monitoring.

Mary Estelle Mahuk, the driving force behind this initiative shared:

“The purpose of NCD Cup is about changing attitudes and behaviours to create healthier diets and increase physical activity to reduce NCDs in Vanuatu, especially amongst women. Many of the mamas who play Island Cricket have had issues with NCDs in the past and I am so pleased to see them making healthy changes to battle them and implement them into their own homes and communities. Being able to create positive change while having fun has been impactful for these mamas, as they now lead healthier lifestyles, with some mamas eliminating the need to get regular checkups.”

The NCD Cup not only promotes physical fitness but also advocates for healthier dietary choices and lifestyle changes, contributing to a reduction in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) within Vanuatu, particularly among women.

All matches in this tournament are free to the public for viewing with match updates and schedules available on Vanuatu Cricket's social media platforms.

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