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Mele Bulls Women, Paama Sharks Men and NE Bush Pigs claim first SPL Challenge wins

Splashe Mele Bulls vs Paama Sharks

The first round of the SPL challenge started last Saturday June 12 at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds (VCG) with the women’s T10 challenge followed by the men’s division 1 and division 2 T20 challenge at Independence Park.

The tournament, proudly sponsored by Societe Pastorale De La Loumpate Limited (SPL), features seven (7) men’s teams and four (4) women’s teams.

In the women’s T10 challenge, Splashe Mele Bulls took on the Rebels and defeated them by 43 runs with outstanding contributions with the bat from Alvina Chilia and Marcelina Mete. Ifira Black Birds defeated Mighty Saints by 19 runs and Rachel Andrew continued her batting dominance with 48 runs not out and support from Eslyn John contributed to Ifira’s win. Maiylisse Carlot, Mighty Saints captain was the top scorer of the day with 53 runs and Leimauri Chilia was the best bowler with a figure of 2/5 off her allocated two overs.

In the men’s T20 challenge division 1, Paama Sharks defeated their rival, Splashe Mele Bulls by 6 wickets after successfully chasing their target of 136 runs to win. Jamal Vira was the top scorer on the day with 55runs not out and his significant contribution with the ball taking 4 wickets in 1.5 overs along with contributions from Vince Vira with 27 runs not out and Apolinaire Stephen’s 26 runs and 3 wickets took the Sharks’ over the finish line. Nono Chilia was the star with the bat for the Bulls with 47 runs and Eddie Mansale closely following behind with 44 runs. In the second men’s division 1 match, Power House Panthers defeated the Mighty Saints by 5 wickets. Top performers with the bat for the Panthers were Joshua Rasu (21 runs) and Ravin Aru (14 runs) combined with Tony Tamata’s three wickets set up the Panthers for their first win of the SPL challenge. Avock Stephen took 4 wickets for the Saints and Selwyn Garae was the top scorer for the Saints with 18 runs. In the men’s division 2, North Efate Bush Pigs won on forfeit against Ifira Black Birds.

Round 1 of the challenge took place last Saturday June 12th and the results are as follows.

Women’s T10 challenge Splashe Mele Bulls (SMB) vs Rebels Result: Splashe Mele Bulls won by 43 runs SMB 3/95: Alvina Chilia 36, Marcelina Mete 31, Valentina Tari 1/17 (2 overs), Selina Solman 1/12 (1 over). Rebels 3/52: Mahina Tarimiala 17, Selina Solman 17, Leimauri Chilia 2/5 (2 overs), Valenta Langiatu 1/11 (2 overs).

Ifira Black Birds (IBB) vs Mighty Saints (MS) Result: Ifira Black Birds won by 19 runs IBB 1/105: Rachel Andrew 48*, Eslyn John 22*, Annais Stephen 1/14 (2 overs). MS 3/86: Maiylisse Carlot 53, Annais Stephen 13, Ruth Kaltongga 1/15 (2 overs), Eslyn John 1/16 (2 overs) Men’s T20 challenge Division 1 Splashe Mele Bulls (SMB) vs Paama Sharks (PS) Result: Paama Sharks won by 6 wickets SMB 9/135: Nono Chilia 47, Eddie Mansale 44, Andrew Mansale 20, Jamal Vira 4/15 (1.5 overs), Apolinaire Stephen 3/37 (4 overs). PS 4/138: Jamal Vira 55*, Vince Vira 27*, Apolinaire Stephen 26, Andrew Mansale 2/28 (4 overs), Eddie Mansale 1/17 (4 overs).

Power House Panthers (PHP) vs Mighty Saints (MS) Result: Power House Panthers won by 5 wickets MS 6/68: Selwyn Garae 18, Avock Stephen 14, Tony Tamata 3/38 (4 overs), Wesley Vira 1/11 (4 overs). PHP 5/70: Joshua Rasu 21, Ravin Aru 14, Avock Stephen 3/23 (4 overs), Edwell Kalfau 1/5 (1 over).

Men’s T20 challenge Division 2 Ifira Black Birds (IBB) vs North Efate Bush Pigs (NEBP) Result: NE Bush Pigs won on Forfeit __________________________________________________________________________________ Round 2 of the SPL Challenge will happen on Saturday June 19 and the fixtures are as follows. Women's T10 Challenge: VCG 2 11:00am start - Ifira Black Birds vs The Rebels 1:00pm start - Mighty Saints vs Splashe Mele Bulls Men's T20 Challenge Division 1: VCG 1 9:00am start: Paama Sharks vs Power House Panthers 1:00pm start: Splashe Mele Bulls vs Mighty Saints Men's T20 Challenge Division 2: Independence Park 1:00pm start: Tafea Sandalwood vs Ifira Black Birds

All fixtures are available on CricHQ via the link:

Vanuatu Cricket would like to acknowledge Societe Pastorale De La Loumpate Limited for their sponsorship and support of the competition. -END-

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