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Vanuatu Cricket Makes History: Inaugural Encounter Against Full Member Nation

Vanuatu Cricket achieved a historic milestone yesterday evening during the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu Women's Team's second practice match ahead of the ICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier. They squared off against Sri Lanka, a full member nation in the ICC and currently ranked 7th in ICC Women's T20 Internationals. This landmark moment signifies the first encounter between Vanuatu and a full-member nation for both our men's and women's teams.

Vanuatu set a target of 58 runs in 17 overs against Sri Lanka but despite their efforts, Sri Lanka efficiently chased down the score in just 8 overs, with the loss of only one wicket, culminating in a final tally of 1/59 off 8.3 overs.

However, for training purposes, the match was extended for an additional 9 overs, where Vanuatu's team exhibited a commendable performance, securing an additional 6 wickets. Particularly noteworthy were Rachel Andrew and Vicky Mansale, each achieving impressive 3-wicket hauls. The unofficial final score made by Sri Lanka amounted to 7/95 off 17 overs.

Skipper Selina Solman commented:

"I felt proud and excited that we had the opportunity to play against a squad we've all looked up to for a long time. They're a top-tier squad, and it was a moment we'll always remember. I was happy with how well we played, especially on the field. Playing against such a strong team taught us a lot, and we're going to use those lessons to do even better in future games."

Having earned their place in the ICC Women's T20 World Cup qualifier last September, the squad is gearing up to face formidable challenges, including encounters against two other full-member nations, Zimbabwe and Ireland, in the upcoming competition. This platform offers invaluable exposure and a chance for our young team to gain crucial experience. As underdogs, we are poised to make a lasting impact and showcase our talent on the global stage.

Stay tuned for all the thrilling updates from the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier by staying connected with Vanuatu Cricket's media channels. Don't miss out on the excitement – catch the matches live on

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