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Ridgway Blake Remains Committed to Supporting SEPSSA Cricket Competition After 17 Years

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is delighted to announce the continued support from Ridgway Blake Lawyers for the annual SEPSSA cricket competition, marking nearly two decades of partnership as we approach the 17th edition this year.

The SEPSSA Games is a soft-ball cricket tournament tailored for girls and boys under the age of 14. Its primary goal is to foster active participation in cricket and sports in Vanuatu, providing a platform for new players to refine their skills.

In the 2023 SEPSSA Competition, boys, and girls from Seaside School, Melemaat School, Life Changer School, Vila East School, June Berg School, and Central School competed for the Cup, resulting in Seaside Boys and Melemaat girls claiming their respective first-place titles.

The 17th edition of the U14 competition is scheduled to commence next week with six schools from Port Vila, including Life Changer School, Melemaat School, Central School, Vanuatu Independent Pikinini School (June Berg), Pango English School, and Seaside School.

Development Manager, Pierre Chilia, remarked:

"For 17 years, Ridgway Blake Lawyers have generously sponsored our competition, playing a vital role in its ongoing success. We're deeply grateful for their support, as well as that of all our partners and sponsors. This competition has been a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn and improve their cricket skills. It's also helped new cricketers find their footing and shine on the field."

The competition will take place at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds (Korman) starting from 1:30 PM on Wednesday, the 27th of March, and Wednesday, the 3rd of April, providing these young and promising athletes with the opportunity to learn and grow in the game.

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