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Five Students Embark on Vanuatu Cricket Scholarships

Five of the Six talented cricketers hailing from Tanna and Santo who were identified last year in the 2023 Vanuatu National Secondary School Games have commenced their Vanuatu Cricket scholarships at both Lycée De Bougainville and Malapoa College, with one student awaiting placement to a vocational school mid-year.

Selinda Revi and Waane Sirovulu have found their educational home at Lycee De Bougainville, while Joshiah Lendal, Ruth Nako, and Justin Sarginson have embarked on their academic journey at Malapoa. With this opportunity, these students are not only pursuing their education but also honing their cricketing talents in a high-performance environment.

Junior Kaltapau, from Santo, is a prime example of the impact of Vanuatu Cricket Scholarships. Once Vice-Captain and now a player, Junior has excelled internationally. His success showcases the importance of these scholarships.

Vanuatu Cricket is committed to finding more talents like Junior and providing them with opportunities. Through initiatives like youth competitions, the association scouts for talent across Vanuatu, empowering aspiring cricketers to follow Junior's path.

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