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Seaside and Melemaat Claim 2024 SEPSSA Games

The 2024 SEPSSA Games, generously sponsored by Ridgway Blake for 17 years, concluded on April 3rd with an exciting showdown at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds. The event brought together U-14 boys and girls from six prominent schools in the area, showcasing their cricket skills and sportsmanship on the field.

Competing schools including Life Changer School, Melemaat School, Central School, Vanuatu Independent Pikinini School (June Berg), Pango English School, and Seaside School battled it out for the title. With determination and skill, the boys from Seaside School and the girls from Melemaat School won their respective titles, with other schools following close behind.

Development Manager, Pierre Chilia commented:

"The competition was such a wonderful success and truly a joy to witness. It was amazing to see these kids embrace cricket, honing their skills and knowledge of the game while having a blast! I was thrilled by the turnout from the schools, but I'm already dreaming of next year. It would be fantastic to have even more schools join in on the fun and excitement in 2025!"

The Vanuatu Cricket Association would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Ridgway Blake for its continued support of the SEPSSA Games, and their commitment to growing the game in Vanuatu.

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