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Team-Up Support Women’s Island Cricket Leadership Course

The Vanuatu Cricket Association were able to host a 1-day leadership workshop last week for mamas involved with Women's Island Cricket, supported by Team-Up, an Australian Sports Partnership program designed to support sports for development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sixteen mamas from Women’s Island Cricket, namely club presidents or team captains, completed the leadership course which was hosted by Marama Youth Foundation with the aim to improve leadership within Women’s Island Cricket clubs and were awarded certificates for successfully completing the course. Participants were encouraged to apply the skills they learnt not only for their clubs, but in all aspects of their lives, including at home.

Mary Estelle-Mahuk, Lead Social Impact and Inclusion Ambassador, stated:

“The outcome of the workshop was really satisfying, especially because the documents presented were all translated to Bislama which was easy for our mamas to understand. To have a workshop and manuals written in our main communication language and presented by local Ni-Vanuatu made the environment very conducive for us all to enjoy and learn as much as possible and improve themselves as leaders.

“There was a lot of interactions and practical sessions. Most mothers admit that the workshop taught them a lot about themselves and their weaknesses in leadership. Going through this workshop will help them improve their leadership in their homes and their Island cricket clubs.”

Later this year, Team-Up will also aid in facilitating a food safety training workshop for mamas involved in Women’s Island Cricket and will also assist the Vanuatu Cricket Association in running its noncommunicable diseases competition in October/November of this year.

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