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Team Up Supports Annual Women's Island Cricket GBV Cup

The Vanuatu Cricket Association, through its Social Impact and Inclusion department, proudly announces the inaugural Women's Island Cricket Gender Based Violence Competition. Running from the 2nd of April to the 2nd of May, this groundbreaking event aims to address social issues through sport while celebrating the talent and strength of Vanuatu's women.

Six formidable teams, including Black Sands, Vila North, Imaki, a newly formed team from Eton, Ifira, and Erakor, will compete for the champion title. The matches will be held at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds (Korman) every weekday, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and passion for the game.

This competition goes beyond the boundaries of cricket and sports, aiming to illuminate the pressing issues of gender equality and violence against women in Vanuatu. Backed by Team Up through the Australian Government, the Vanuatu Cricket Association will roll out supplementary materials alongside the event to address these societal challenges. The public is invited to join us in supporting these athletes and promoting positive change in our community.

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