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Women’s Island Cricket Independence Cup Competition Commences

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is pleased to announce that the annual Women’s Island Cricket Independence Cup competition commenced earlier this week on the 12th of July and saw Erakor face Blacksands for its first match at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds as part of Independence Day celebrations and is set to conclude on the 28th of July.

The competition is set to take place at both the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds and Independence Park, where six teams, from; Ifira, Imaki, Erakor, Eratap, Vila North and Blacksands will go head-to-head to claim the Independence Cup.

Mary Estelle Mahuk, Lead Social Impact and Inclusion Manager, stated:

“We are very excited to host the annual Independence Cup for our mamas in Women’s Island Cricket. The Women’s Island Cricket program is designed to encourage women of all ages to become involved in sports but is also open to anyone who is interested in the program. The Island cricket program promotes inclusivity and can be played by men, women, young girls, young mothers, boys, and people with disabilities.

She added:

“This is the second competition that we have organised this year for Women’s Island Cricket, with our next one planned to commence in September for the Non-Communicable Disease Cup, which will have a focus on our team’s health and well-being”.

The public is welcome to the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds and Independence Park to support their favourite team, and more updates can be found via our social media channels.

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